10 Proven Ways Anyone Can Use To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Have you been looking for ways to make money online?

You may be one of the people who don’t believe that anyone can make money online. Or maybe you are one those who thinks that The Internet is a BAD Influence.

Well it will surprise you to know that it has been a lot easier for anyone to be his or her own boss since the internet came into existence.Click To Tweet

Back then when I started out to learn what the internet is, I would go out every day to the café and just to search for ways to make money online, I remember spending all my pocket money in the café.

Then the only way I knew that anyone can make money online was by doing the following stuffs:
Online Data Entry.
Online Survey.
HYIP (The MMM of today).

I was busy wasting my time with all this till I bought an eBook written by Akin Alabi on how to create a blog and make money from it. And that was how this my internet thing all started.

Enough of the story, so my dear friend the only way to make money online is to sell something might be a Service, Idea, Help and so on.

In this post I will show you 10 ways anyone can use to make money online, I mean real money.  So stay with me and see the list for yourself.

  1. Blogging

This is an easy way that if you work it out rightly you will really make cool money from doing it. You might be thinking if people actually make it from blogging? The answer is YES, have you heard of Linda Ikeji I bet you do. This lady owns a house at Banana Island which she paid for from the money she is making from her Blog.

When it comes to blogging there are so many things you can blog about, see list below:

  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Cars

Example : Lindaikeji Blog

  1. Coaching Services.

Do you have a good understanding about a certain thing, you can setup a coaching service and use the internet to give your expertise as there are millions of people who are looking for that help and don’t know how to get it.

Example : BusinessOntop

Bellow is a List of Coaching Service you can start if you are good with any of them.

  • Business Coaching
  • Online Tutoring
  • Life Coach
  • Fitness Coach
  • Consultant
  1. Online Freelancing.

The internet has created so many jobs in the past decades as there are now so many services that are now needed. Do you have a skill or better still you can learn one of the below skills and master them in no time. The first money I earn as a result of this internet thing was from a web design job I did back then and I was paid N35,000 to do it I was so excited about it.

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Voice over Services

Now it has become a lot easier to get jobs like this and you can be making money online every day because all you need to do is go to some freelance sites and register with them and post what you have to offer.

Here are list of Freelance sites you can register with

  1. Information Marketing.

This is yet another very good way to make money online as you can decide to sell something via the internet. You can sell your own stuffs or help others sell their own stuffs and get a commission for doing that.

This things can be an idea or an information that someone or group of people will be needing it could also be a solution to a particular problem.

  • Online Courses
  • eBook Selling
  • Affiliate Marketing
  1. e-Commerce

You can create your own online store or ride on the back some successful Online store like JUMIA and KONGA and sell stuffs ranging from Fashion, Jewelries, shoes, pretty much any kind of product. If you have stuff that you want to sell, there is always someone out there who wants to buy it.

  1. Online Services.

There are so many online services that you can offer and make money online. You can decide to help people with the following services Advertiser, Social Media Manager, Online Broker, Digital/Virtual Assistant and so on depending on your area of expertise.

I know a couple of people who all they do to make money online are to help people promote their stuff on their social media handle. You too can do it too.


  1. Photographer.

Are you very god with photographing? You can leverage on this skill and use to make money online by taking pictures and then selling it to people who will need it online.

Sometimes I want to use a particular image that has black people to illustrate a particular point but I will not find it on Google but if someone gave it to me at the time I need it I will not hesitate to pay for it.

One good thing is that you can sell one picture over and over again, so what is stopping you now. Ho out there and start taking pictures.

Example: Free Stock Photos by  O’segun Aina.

  1. Podcasting.

Podcast is an audio show more like a radio show, usually comes in a series of episodes, which can be downloaded from the Internet and listened to either on a computer or on a smart phone.

Have an idea or just want to help people get informed about anything you can use this to talk to people if you don’t like writing.

Podcasting is gaining popularity now. You can create a podcast on any industry or niche and use your passion and expertise to entertain or educate listeners. You can make money online by getting sponsors & advertisers or even sharing your very own products!

Example:  Audacity2Lead Podcast By Dayo Samuel.


  1. Videos Logging

This is more like blogging but this time all you will be doing is to present your message to your audience using videos just like a TV show. It can be in series or on anything.

Your show can be about entertainment or education. You can make money online doing this by posting your videos on YouTube and sponsorship too.

Example: Mark Angel Comedy


  1. Online Importation Business

This is one of my favorites as I have used this medium to make thousands of Naira online.

Before now it was very difficult to venture into Importation business and those who were doing it then are always seen as a ritualist because we don’t how they make all those money but since the internet came into play, it has become easier to do this business from the comfort of your home.

All I do is find a product and then import them online and still sell them online by partnering with e-commerce giant JUMIA to sell it.

I created a FREE eBook on how anyone can start making money online by doing online Importation Business. You can get your FREE Copy by clicking on the link or image below.

Online Importation eBook

I hope you find something you might want to try?

All of these different services can be run successfully from the internet.  You just need to develop yourself enough so you can be able to provide the service to the people who need it. Believe me if you do any of this right you will start making money online in no time.

If you find this article helpful do share with someone remember there is love in sharing.

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I am a Blogger, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer who loves to travel a lot. Am also in love with using the internet to to make money. Since my early 20′s when i designed a site for a client which he paid me =N=35,000. That was the starting point for me when I realized that I could make this internet thing work.

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