How To Create A Video That Goes Viral Like Mark Angel


I know your answer is YES.
Dear Friend,
If you have been on the internet for a while now you will believe me when I say “VIDEO IS THE NEXT BIG THING ON THE INTERNET”
Do you know that in Nigeria is the second most visited website after thereby beating that is to tell you that a lot of people spend time to watch videos online.

No wonder has started to take video very seriously and they will encourage you to always use video whenever you want to do your advertisement.
Early this year I started also using video to run my facebook ads and the result has been very encouraging compared to image ads.
You can check bellow to see the screen shots of video ads I ran late last month August 2017, you will see that apart that the video generated good income for me it also got lots of likes, comments and shares too.

One thing I love with videos is that they are very good in creating awareness.Click To Tweet






But the difficult thing here is that it is very difficult to create videos that will go viral like Mark Angel videos and have everybody sharing and talking about it all over the internet.

Because I run an online business I have been searching the internet to learn how to create viral videos, also I wanted to understand how to use video to market my digital products.




That’s when I found out about these guys…
The Harmon Brothers.
These guys are so good that that any video they create gets millions of views you can check them out to see videos that have gotten over 150,000,000 views, I mean it.

what shocks me the most is that they charge $1,000,000 to create a viral video for their clients.
Bellow are list of successful videos that they have created for their clients. You know when someone keep getting the same good results whenever he does something, it clearly means he/she knows what he is doing.

  • Fiber Fix
  • Chat Books
  • Vid Angel
  • Ora Brush
  • Purple
  • Balanced Rebellion

Imagine getting 39,000,000 views for one video on alone not to talk of other social media platforms.
You think am joking check out the two screen shots of the video they did for one of their clients and you will see how good they are..


Squatty Potty

Ever since I found out about these guys I have been trying to see how I can learn from them and create videos that will go viral for my digital and physical products but no avail, since I don’t have $1,000,000 to pay them and I bet you don’t also.
Until last week when one of my mentors Russel Brusson (Author of Expert Secrets & CEO of Clickfunnels) paid the Harmon Brothers $1,000,000 to help them create a powerful viral video to market their business.
So that Russell out of his kind and large heart wants others people to also learn about this skill.
Which is why on 15th of September, Russell will be doing a live online show and launch of their own viral ClickFunnels video created by the Harmon Brothers.
For sure Russell wants you and I to watch the video these brothers created for them.
You can only watch the show by invitation which is why I had to take the pain to put this all together so you can also benefit from it.
To register and watch this “show” on Sept 15, just click on this link:

But the important thing here for me I don’t know for you is that the Harmon brothers will
be on the show live to explain how they created the video and why they did it the way they did it.
This is indeed the main reason am going to be on the show on Friday 15th September 2017.
And He is letting everyone watch for the show for FREE!
Personally I don’t know why he is doing this because the value anyone will learn from the Harmon Brothers alone is just too alarming.
My Brother make sure you learn how to start using videos to drive sales and traffic for your business it does not really matter if you sell online or not.
A Good Video + Social Media has a way making you millions over nigh just the way you can see it make some people who you don’t know before become very popular in a matter of time.
You can see how viral video has made Mark Angel, Seyi Law, Woli Arole and Crazeclown become so popular in Nigeria.
Don’t miss out on this million dollar education on how to create viral videos. The main thing is the thinking process that goes into making these videos.
You can even use it to make money from companies just like the Harmon Brothers by creating viral videos for them that is if you like.
I won’t miss this online event for anything and I don’t think you should too. Again, here is the registration link for the show.

As you know It is going to be a Live Show and I don’t think Russel has any plan for a replay.
So, don’t miss out on this one in a life time opportunity…


Chuks Ibe

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