The Internet Is a Bad Influence To Our Children

Many Nigerian parents if not African parents would believe that the internet is a bad influence to their children and would do anything to stop them form using the internet.

I don’t believe the internet has a bad influence to the Nigerian children; if you like throw stone at me I don’t care.

It’s just like saying that going to school is a bad influence to Nigerian Children because some or most of them joins secret court when they get there.

There is nothing in this life that does not have its bad and good side, so the earlier we start to help our children use the internet the better for all of us because the Internet is the future.

It’s only in Nigeria that you will see parents not giving phones their teenage children until they enter the University, and they will seize it if the children eventually get it themselves.

In my own time my dad bought me a Sagem My X2-2 phone and refused to buy sim card for me saying he will buy it when I graduate from secondary school.

You can imagine that!

That phone almost ruined my life because all I was doing with it was to play game. (Story for another day)

The internet has helped a lot of people put food on their table. People like
Akin Alabi CEO of NairaBET
Ronald Ikenna Nzimora CEO of Profit Marketing Systems Limited
Patrick Ogidi  CEO of NetFame Media Inc.
Toyin Omotoso CEO of 7Star Systems
Debola Williams Co Founder of RED Media
Olaide Alim CEO of Success Max Innovations
Chuks Ibe Founder of NAIRAinbox
Linda Ikeji Founder of Lindaikeji Blog
and many more to mention…

I remember back then in 2008 after following learning from Akin Alabi how to use the internet to make money I then started to try out but was having issues in making payment and I don’t have a bank account.

So I tried to convince my mum to come and open a Dom Acct with GTBank because I was naive and my mum also do not have understanding about it, so the female customer care that was attending to us that day was like what do you want to do with a Dom acct and I was like I need to pay for stuffs online and she asked again, what do you do and I replied politely saying am an internet marketer.

You need to see the look on her face that day, I bet that was the first time she is hearing stuff like that. She was now thinking I am one of those Y! Boys that made me felt embarrassed.

What I am driving at most people don’t know that they can use the internet to generate income for themselves.

Over there in the western countries you will see kids, I mean teenagers owing a multinational company from home because they use the power of the internet.

But here in Nigeria all our kids think about are movies, ice cream and other irrelevant stuffs. Just because each time they go near the internet, all their parents think about is he/she is visiting a porn site.

The internet is the future and there is a lot we can do with it so let’s help our children learn how to use the internet better.

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I am a Blogger, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer who loves to travel a lot. Am also in love with using the internet to to make money. Since my early 20′s when i designed a site for a client which he paid me =N=35,000. That was the starting point for me when I realized that I could make this internet thing work.


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