The Ultimate Guide To Selling On Instagram.

Learn the exact way experts use to sell anything on instagram even if you don't have large followers.

Dear Friend!
Instagram can be quite intimidating, right? Regardless of how long you have been on the Platform.

The constant everyday posting but yet no sales, the everyday DM enquiry but yet no order.

Sometimes you will feel like everyone on Instagram is selling something so there are no clients or customers left to sell to.

Ever felt like you are doing something wrong and wish you knew what could change the game for you?

Are You Struggling To Make Sales On Instagram?

Despite the fact that you are seeing some other Instagram Entrepreneurs  posting lots of orders they have gotten yet to ship out…

And these Orders are coming from the same Instagram that looks like a desert to you…

When I started I had a lot of people say; tag celebrities in your post and use plenty hashtags which I did all of it and yet no order simply because I was doing it the wrong way.

I felt frustrated that I almost wanted to quit.

YES! it was that Frustrating.

You know what am talking about.

The question now is, what is the problem?

Why are a lot of Instagram entrepreneurs like you finding it difficult to make sales?

If you are asking any or all of the above questions then this TRAINING is for you.


  • In this training I will be revealing some of the mistakes most Instagram Entrepreneurs make. You probably are making some of them.
  • I will expose some of the strategies top Instagram Entrepreneurs use in selling out their items in a short time and cashing out heavily in the process.
  • You will learn how to generate sales on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • I will also show you the strategy you can use in generating customers abroad who are ready and willing to buy in Nigerian products.
  • I will show you the Formular for setting up an effective Instagram Profile that converts page visitors to customers.
Wait! That is not all I am going to Teach You…
  • I will also show you step by step process on my computer, how you can setup and run your own profitable Instagram ads to get ready to buy customers.
I am not stopping there…
  • You will also learn effective strategies on becoming an authority in what you are selling. This will in turn increase trust from prospective clients and will increase the likelihood of purchase from you.
  • I will teach you how to create great contents that will help you sell your items and also position you well.
  • You will also understand that is not all about the Instagram Algorithm but a process and how you can use it to your advantage.

Register To Join The Training Now!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: if you register today, you will get access to my 6 weeks mentorship program.

Only applicable if you REGISTER today.


  • I will include you in my “1 million Naira Sales in 30 days” Mentorship Program.
  • In my mentorship program I will provide you with actionable sales blueprint for the next 30 days to increase your sales.
  • I will also show you How To Create GOOD GRAPHICS CONTENT on your phone without having to pay anyone to do your graphics for you.
  • I will also teach you How To Create VIDEO CONTENT and edit it on your phone without having to pay any Video Editor do it for you.
  • Now, because I love you and want you to succeed in no time, I will also give you access to the tools that will make your journey to 1million naira sales in 30days easy.

How much is the cost for this training?

That Is A Good Question To Ask…

If i want to charge you for the Inner Circle Mentorship Program alone, believe me I will not take anything less than ₦30,000 from you for a period of 30days.

Now add it up with every other thing that am going to teach you in this class, be sincere to your self. How much will you charge if you were to be in my shoes?

But because I want to contribute to your success and also be a part of what makes you happy in this Country today.

So I won’t be giving it out for ₦15,000.

I will be giving this training out on a discounted fee of ₦2,900 to the first 35 people that signs up TODAY!

After Today it goes back to the Original Price of ₦15,000.


So the training is valued at 65,500 but I am willing to accept 2,999 from the first 35 people who register TODAY! By tomorrow it goes back to its Original Price.

Which Means You Are Getting a whooping 80% Discount

I know you might be wondering all of this for just ₦2,999?

😲Well, Yes, I like helping people by giving value to their businesses.😎

Besides, I know the economic effect of the Pandemic, thus, the discount.

However, it is applicable only if you register TODAY! By tomorrow it goes back to its original price and that’s a fact.

Register Now for this Training and see your business transform over the next 30 days.


How To Register For This Training...

The Process is Simple and Easy…

Just make a transfer of ₦2,999


Sterling Bank
Loveth Oboh ify


After payment send a mail with this subject line “PAID FOR TUGSO INSTAGRAM” to  and you will be added to the Training Inner Circle ASAP.


Simply Click the Button bellow to register automatically.


Join The instagram sales training and learn the exact way to sell anything.


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